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Just what the world needs - another blog! Our goal is to connect with the technical saavy of the world through sharing our passion for green construction concepts.

There was a fascinating article last Thursday in the USA Today about the "green" trend. For the first time since the 60s it is popular to be concious of the impact we're having on the world around us. And where better to popularize our concern with energy savings, green living and environmental protection than in our construction techniques?

Environmental friendliness has never been more popular, yet everyday there are millions of square feet/meters of black roofing installed worldwide.

Sick building sydrome is real, not psychosomatic. We've created mold prisons by constructing buildings that allow little or no sunlight to penetrate our offices. We also allow the high initial cost of sustainable materials to scare us into choosing products that create more maintenance than we can afford thus creating work environments that destruct our personnel.

All this being said, we're not overlooking that modern trends continue to lean toward sustainable design. From rooftop gardens, to white roofing, to rooftop solar panels, the world is changing.

Now its up to us to continue these trends into a brave new future.