Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pass Me A Glass

On a recent jont over to Progresso, Mexico, we found something entirely missing from us in the states.  Kicking back and relaxing after a visit to the eye doctor with a cold Coke in a wonderful glass bottle - it doesn't get any better than that.

Imagine the life of that glass bottle.  From factory, to consumer, back to factory.  What a concept, cut down on waste by making the drinking vessel reusable and give a financial incentive to bring back the vessel.  Brilliant!

But here in the states that feeling is impossible.  Why?  Because for the most part our Coke comes in  plastic.  Have you ever tried to get a refund on a plastic bottle?  Not exactly easy.  (Reminds you of that Seinfeld episode right??)

In our plastic hungry society, we seem to need everything triple wrapped with as much waste as possible before we will buy it.  As our landfills grow fuller, you can't help but dread a day when even Guiness will come triple wrapped in an expendable throw away plastic bottle.

Granted, recycling of plastic bottles does occur.  For instance, in our neighborhood the local waste disposal company has put out wonderful blue containers for our recyclable goods.  Of course, it's always full of trash.  And when the dumpster truck comes by I can't help but notice that he picks up that recycle container and dumps it into the same bin as our dumpsters.

To add to the environmental impact of all this, how about taste.  Isn't taste the reason we buy soda, juice, and water anyway?  Leave your water bottle in the car on a hot Texas day and drink it after an hour or so.  Plastic - yummy!

Of course, if done with quality material plastics are great drinking vessels.  For instance, polycarbonate bottles protect against glass shattering yet are extremely thick and won't leave you with that plastic taste after getting hot.  Even in our industry so much depends on the manufacturer and the quality, or lack of, of the raw materials they use.

The great thing about glass is you're not relying on a manufacturer to use good materials.  Although there are some variations in thickness, for the most part glass is glass.

So, who killed the glass bottle and isn't time we resurrect it again?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rain Rain - Go Away!

Since it rarely rains more than once each summer in south and west Texas, we are primarily in the business of selling shade (for those of you who don't know, we sell roofing :)  What a summer we have had in '07!  Last week it rained so much our parking lot flooded making it impossible to get in the car.  We're selling waterproofing again hurray!  But can someone tell the rain to stop so that we can get some waterproofing installed?