Thursday, September 20, 2007

Trade Shows Are The Best

As we count down the days to our next event, the TASA/TASB show at the Dallas Convention Center, we can't help but think about our favorite part of being a rep - trade shows.

Yes, we're talking about hours on your feet, talking to people you don't know, trying to hurd in like cattle interested individuals to your 10' space. So with all that being said, why do we still love them so much?

Interaction! Where else can you meet hundreds of people totally opposite of you and exchange ideas? At a recent show in Galveston we met at least 200 people from all areas, backgrounds, and walks of life. From a vegan realtor to a amarillo cowboy they were all there to browse and chill.

Usually people are friendly whether they care about your product or not, so where better to craft your perfect sales pitch than to try it out at a trade show?

Beside, where else can you stock up on 500 pens that you will never use from companies you care nothing about?

As we slip in our padded insoles, we look forward to seeing you at a booth around the corner :)