Monday, March 31, 2008

Contact Management = Cash

In just over 5 years of work in West & South Texas we've accumulated stacks of business cards, emails, hand written notes, and text messages of prospective customers. After a while it just gets overwhelming. We've tried Apple contacts, Act, Outlook, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

This year our goal was to get more organized and make the connections to take our business to the next level. After hours of research we found a great solution. Webasyst online database. The options are exception, the price great, and the ease of entry extraordinary.

We can now import & export from excel & csv formats. Add as many groups and contacts as we want. And create mailers, letters, etc from those contacts.

Check it out for free and you'll see what we mean.

Monday, March 10, 2008

iPhone is the best business innovation in history

Like so many other people out there I was skeptical that the iphone would revolutionize my life. I did not stand in line to purchase it. In fact, I'm a year late on the greatest innovation of our lifetime. But its better late than never and this weekend after our sprint contracts ran out, we upgraded for good to the iPhone. Everything changed. Heaven opened up and doves sung! ok so I'm exaggerating a bit but the truth is life is so much easier now. There is no way to put all the innovations into words, just go to the apple store and try it out. Better yet, just buy it! Business has never been easier and we've never been so organized!

My favorite feature has to be the scrolling. With the flick of your wrist you can scroll at fast speeds through hundreds of contacts, photos, music, or anything else you've loaded up.

Just a warning, this will probably turn into an iphone blog since there really isn't anythign else going on in our life now :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If you only listen to 1 cd this yr make it Blake Lewis

Last month we bought ADD Audio Day Dream by Blake Lewis.  This is the most amazing cd I have ever heard.  Whether you like 70s 80s 90s or today, check out this cd.  From Prince to Bon Jovi, Blake has a masterpiece of sound variety.  I don't know why this album is not #1 but you owe it to yourself to give Audio Day Dream a listen.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just Say Moo

I can't remember anyone ever handing me a moo card.  Can you?  Well if you've met us lately maybe you have!  But otherwise I'm telling you this is a totally untapped shoestring business opportunity.

It's $19.99 for 100 of the most unforgettable personalized business cards you will ever see.  And best of all they come all the way from the UK.  That would be London, England!  For $10 shipping!  It's worth $30 just to get something from England isn't it?

They're not paying me for the endorsement, so check it out!  minicards.jpg