Big Box Stores Make Solar Difference

As much as we like to condemn big box stores for being the death of small town america, sometimes it takes the buying power of the retail giants in the world to make a difference.  With solar as popular in the '00s as the behive was in the '50s, these retail giants are jumping on the bandwagon started by Whole Foods.

This should drive prices in the solar world down as production increases.  Even Wal-Mart is on the team as quoted from the New York Times
"Bernard Sosnick, an analyst with Gilford Securities who has examined Wal-Mart’s plans, said the day might come when people can pull their electric cars up to a store and recharge them with power from the roof or even from wind turbines in the parking lot."

Yes, thats right.  That was Wal-Mart.  Maybe the world is coming to an end :)