How Software Is Saving the Planet

Today we attended a very interesting seminar about new control systems that are saving school districts thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs per year.  The system demonstrated by Honeywell could literally tell the maintenance team how long one of the cooler doors was open down to the microsecond.

This reminded me of my friend Houston Neal from Software who emailed me recently about several awesome products he discovered at the recent CMAA conference in San Francisco.  One such item was 4D Project management software developed in a collaboration between Google SketchUp and Synchro.  Check out the video by clicking here.

How does this software save the planet you ask?  Simple - by reducing the consumption of construction materials like wood, steel & concrete we reduce our carbon footprint and save money.  Also reduced are transportation expenses which also lessens our pollution output.

Also impressive is Google SketchUp's service to solar integrators which allows them to choose the perfect location to install photovoltaics through 4D technology.

The long and short of it is software is changing the way we live our lives.  Research and choose the solution that fits you best.

Another great resource for construction companies looking to be more productive is Construction Software Advice website.  There you can find many options to be more efficient and add to your bottom line.  Plus you'll be supporting a great company :)