Cool Ideas From MRCA

Last week we attended the Midwest Roofing Contractors conference in Dallas, Texas (I know thats not the midwest but hey maybe their map was wrong)  Along with seeing some great energy saving products, we attended a facinating lecture on photovoltaics by William Miller of Oak Ridge Labs.

Two points to share -#1  if HVAC ductwork were ran inside airconditioned space instead of our attics we would be saving millions in energy costs.  So what can be done besides rebuilding our houses?  Insulate!  Cover the ducts in insulation to the point they cannot be seen.

#2 Solar panels on white roofs in the south may not be as good of an idea as we all think.  The rooftop temperature of photovoltaics can soar to more than 165 degrees on white rooftops that normally are near ambient.  The energy loss of heating the white membrane can offset the solar output.  Solution?  Analyze each situation, however putting the solar panels on the ground probably makes a lot more sense.

Well thats all for now ....See you at Greenbuild!