Greening Up At Greenbuild

What a week we had at Greenbuild in Boston!  With more than 700 exhibitors and 25,000+ employees attendees, the event was truly amazing.  The aisles were packed!  We had a great time with Drew, Tara & Linda at our Protect-All Flooring/Duro-Last Roofing booths.  Some of the neat items we discovered were VOC free organic paint stained with fruits & vegetables, photovoltaic skylights & recycled plastic messenger bags along with a lot more.

Along the way we learned to navigate the less than user friendly Boston public transportation system including trains, buses & shuttles. Chowda was eaten & lobsters were, well, whatever you call it when you suck the meat out of them.  In the end, we had a great time.  Before leaving we were on the fence about Phoenix next year.  But we left completely convinced that Greenbuild is the future.

greenbuild-aisleOutside Sam Adams


  1. Hey, Kids -

    That's a lot of employees! Did they have any attendees? :-)

    Tara said you guys were awesome in the booth - thanks for being there.

    Have a great Thanksgiving and rest of the holiday season.



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