Greenbuild '09

Opening day of Greenbuild '09 was full of excitement and anticipation. Crowd control was good as the more than 25,000 attendees processed through registration. I reminded myself several times that everyone working Greenbuild is a volunteer so all minor misunderstandings could be overlooked. The trade show was packed Wednesday morning and the four people in our booth were rarely without someone to talk to. My afternoon was highlighted by meeting "notre dame killer" Anthony Johnson.

We scurried out of the booth to head to Chase Field for the opening session. All the way there were trying to find somewhere to grab a quick bite but can't seem to. To out surprise Chase Field had been turned into a giant gourmet diner complete with any local organic good we could want. All of the proceedings were great but Sheryl Crow was the best.

Today we're all set for another session of meeting people and sharing ideas on the green revolution!