Roofing Maintenance Cold Weather Tips

This week's arctic blast has brought freezing temperatures as far south as the Rio Grande Valley.  With record cold in Dallas for the Super Bowl to snow as far south as San Antonio it has truly been a week to remember.  As a building owner what roofing maintenance tips should you been concerned with in this cold weather?  It's always best to call your local roofing contractor for snow removal services.  They're best equipped to do the job right.  However if using your own maintenance staff here are some things of which to be aware:

  • Be aware of how much snow is on your roof.  Wet snow can weight up to 12 lbs or more per square foot.  Depending on your building's construction your roof could become a danger for collapse if too much wet snow is left for days without melting.
  • Use plastic snow shovels for rooftop snow removal.  Metal shovels have sharp edges that can damage your roofing system and void your roofing system's warranty.
  • Always use proper safety gear when working on your roof!  OSHA standards apply so be sure to have perimeter guards and proper safety harnesses if necessary.  Not only are these always good practices but even more so when snow and ice make your roof a slick nightmare to work on.
  • Check drains for debris.  Rooftop drains can easily get plugged by leaves and other debris especially if there is not a dome strainer installed.  Melting snow can create large amounts of water that needs to drain quickly due to the substantial weight load.  Clogged drains can stifle drainage and create a major danger for collapse.


  1. And be wary of the weight! With all the excess weight the snow is adding, think twice before stepping onto your roof when removing the snow. The roof may also be extra slippery, especially if the snow has begun to melt underneath.

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  2. Snow and Ice can cause serious damage on a roof if it isn't very well constructed or well installed. This can lead to a nice leak one day in your attic during the winter.

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