Tuesday, April 26, 2011

West Texas Hail

In West Texas we get hail just as often as we get rain, sometimes more often.  Case in point our 6 month drought was softened this week by 3" hail in Abilene.  Fortunantely we have a NRCA certified impact resistant professional on our team - Micah Hackney - ready to analyze your roof and help your insurance claim.  Be sure to contact Micah at (806) 392-3372 to schedule a roof inspection and check out his certification below!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lower Rio Grande Valley AIA Golf Tourny

Despite the strong winds this years AIA golf tourny went off without a hitch thanks to director Carmen Perez Garcia.  Teams were greeted by photographer John Faulk who took excellent professional pictures.  The 9th hole was the popular spot where the Sherwin Williams fajita oasis welcomed golfers.  And of course the beer tent.  Due to the tent blowing away last year, we set up under a tree instead.  All the money went to the LRGV-AIA scholarship fund for future designers.  Here is a picture of "Team Duro-Last" hard at work!