Texas Insurance Adjustors Seperated From Roofing Contractors

In the spring of 2014 the Texas legislature passed a bill separating roofing contractors from insurance adjusters. Contractors can still act as adjusters however they cannot assume both roles on a single project. It's difficult to see this as anything other than another opportunity for insurance companies to avoid paying the fair value for legitimate damage. Adding an additional layer of payout will only increase costs to customers. However, consider the other side. In my many years of working west Texas storms I've seen time and time again that public adjusters are able to get much larger payments from insurance companies. It's not far fetched to say this new law may actually increase payouts from insurance companies in the long run. It is also an opportunity for roofing contractors to work together for common good within our industry without fear of violating competition laws. Either way, it's now the law in Texas so we're forced to look on the bright side.

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