Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What is NSF/ANSI 347 for sustainable roofing?

NSF/ANSI 347 is a universal sustainability standard for single ply roofing materials including PVC, TPO and EPDM. The purpose is to eliminate green washing and use science to deterimine how sustainable a product truly is from cradle to grave. Products are rated in 5 catagories; product design, product manufacturing, membrane durability, corporate governance, and innovation. Rating levels range from compliant to platinum. Just a few of the many bases covered are use of hazardous chemicals, recycled content, endurance of the product, reflectivity, and commitment to the community.

In the spring of 2015, Duro-Last was proud to become the first single ply roofing material rated by NSF/ANSI 347. Other manufacturers are following suit. We highly recommend this standard be included in architectural design of commercial roofing projects to ensure the most sustainable, longest lasting roofing materials are being used.

To learn more about this standard view the Duro-Last university Architects Guide to Specifying Sustainable Single Ply Roofing Materials found here or schedule an in person presentation. Also available is the NSF/ANSI 347 white paper found here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Solutions for R-panel metal retrofits

Metal roofs are often sold as the last roof a building owner will ever need. But most roofing professionals have seen the effects weather can have on a metal roof over time. Corrosion, open joints and seams, leaks at penetrations, and other issues plague metal buildings when exposed to harsh weather conditions. In Texas we often have days where the temperature can fluctuate up to thirty degrees Fahrenheit. These temperature fluctuations cause metal to expand and contract at a rapid rate, opening seams that rely on an underlayment to remain watertight (or sometimes nothing at all).  What solutions are available for metal building owners?

Most common solutions are coating, metal replacement, or single ply recover. All three options can be viable depending on the scenario yet also have their own challenges. Coatings require maintenance and often include many exclusions in the warranty. Metal replacement is costly and qualified contractors can be hard to find. Single Ply recovers have long been one of the best most cost effective solutions. However, when the metal building contains skylights or internal gutters the cost of a single ply recover escalates.

Recently, a new cost effective solution was presented by Exceptional Metals through partner MBCI for roofs with existing under deck insulation. The PBR metal retrofit panel easily fits on top of existing r-panel roofs utilizing a fleece back to separate old panel from new. These can be cut around existing skylights with ease. The cost is less than a single ply recover although roofs without proper insulation underneath miss out on the benefit of adding flute filler insulation and a cover board to their existing metal roof. Find out more about this unique roof retrofit panel by visiting the Exceptional Metals website.