Hurricane Harvey Preperation Tips for Commercial Roofs Buildings

This morning we awoke to news that Hurricane Harvey has intensified and is headed to the south Texas coast. First and foremost we wish everyone a safe weekend dealing with the rain and high winds headed our way. Additionally, here are some tips for minimizing damage to your commercial roof.

  • -Review your commercial property coverage for wind and storm related exclusions. Know your policy well so that you can negotiate potential damage from a knowledgeable position. 
  • Remove any debris that may be near your roof. Most issues come from punctures involving loose debris. 
  • Check gutters, downspouts, and drains for debris and proper drainage. Your roof is going to get a lot more water than it is used to handling and will need all available ways to drain. 
  • Schedule NOW with your roofing contractor to provide an after storm roof walk. This is the busiest time of year for commercial roofers so you need to make sure they prioritize your building as much as possible  
For more information regarding the impact of the storm or to schedule a roof walk by one of our authorized contractors or HAAG certified commercial roof inspectors please visit